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About Our Parties

Queen Elsa and Spiderman

Most of our children's parties take place at the customers home or venue of choice. The prices given below are for children's parties at the customer's venue. To make the task of organising your child's party easier for you, we also offer children's parties at our own studios in Chiswick. Parties at our studios are available as Package One on Sundays only and an additional cost for the use of our venue will be added to the party prices given below.

We have two party packages that you can choose from. These packages apply to all our party themes. We have given you the basic outline of our packages, but you can choose whatever activities your child would most enjoy doing at their party – some children would love to perform a song and dance routine, whilst others would prefer to spend more time on a craft activity. All our parties are catered to your individual requirements.

All our entertainers are DBS checked fully trained actors, musical theatre performers and dancers who are either working professionally as performers in theatre and TV, or work as dance/singing/acting teachers. 

Party Package One                   2 hours                       £270

The party themed entertainer will meet and greet your guests. The party then kicks off

and will include the following (exact activities will depend on the preferences of

the birthday child and parents): 

  • Themed party games

  • Parachute Games

  • Balloon Modelling

  • Singing and dancing to the party themed songs

  • Face Painting

  • Pass the Parcel

  • A craft activity

  • A song and/or dance or a party themed routine (which can be performed at the end of the party to the parents/siblings of the party goers)

  • A party certificate 

If the party will have over 25 children, another party entertainer is required at an additional cost of £90.

Package One is also available at our Chiswick studios on Sundays only. For Package One parties at our studios in Chiswick there is an extra charge of £110.00 for the venue hire.

Party Package Two                  1 1/2 hours                 £210

The party themed entertainer will meet and greet your guests. Your guests will then take part in party themed games, and a sing-along to your child’s favourite songs (as appropriate to the party theme). The entertainer will then lead the guests to their tea and during tea will either help serve the tea, face paint or balloon model. After tea either more party themed games will be played or a song and/or dance or a party themed routine will be learnt. The entertainer will then say her goodbyes to the birthday child and their friends.


If the party will have over 25 children, another party entertainer is required at an additional cost of £68.


What are your booking terms & conditions?

A 50% non-refundable deposit will be taken on booking your party with the remaining 50% taken a few days before the party. We accept payment by debit/credit card by phone or in person, cash in person and cheque by post or in person.

How many guests should I invite?

We advise a maximum of 25 guests for one entertainer. If you plan to have more than 25 children at your party, than another entertainer will be required at an additional cost (see individual party packages).


What if I need to postpone or cancel my party?

If you need to postpone your party, we will do what we can to accommodate your new date. Deposits are non-refundable.

Where could I hold my party?

Parties can be held in your home, a church hall, community centre or any other suitable location. Our entertainers are very experienced, and can adapt their entertainment to most situations. We also offer a party venue at our studios in Chiswick for Package One (Sunday’s only).

How much room do I need to hold a party?

Ideally the room would be large enough so that the children can sit in a circle. But our entertainers can adapt their entertainment to suit the room size, whether it is a very large space or a small living room where the coffee table has been removed!

What happens at a party?

Your Party Entertainer will arrive 15 minutes before the party begins bringing with them everything that is needed for a great party – from music to props to balloons to face painting to prizes. And then the fun begins? - see the party package information for more details (If you can, please ensure that there is a room for the entertainer to change if necessary, which is away from potential early arrivals.) 

We suggest that the food is served about 50 mins -1 hour into the party.

What times can the parties take place?

For parties held at your own venue, times are by agreement.


Party times at our Chiswick venue are:

10.00am - 12.00pm

11.00am - 1.00pm

2.00pm - 4.00pm

3.00pm - 5.00pm

Our Chiswick venue is currently available on Sundays only. 

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